Your Oil Tank Could be Hurting Your Surrounding Environment and Racking Up Your Future Bills

Both in-ground and above an ground oil tank can hurt the surrounding environment – racking up your future property bills in the process.

For more information about oil tank removal in New Jersey (NJ), contact your local oil tank removal experts for a quote and information about the effects your oil tank might be having on the environment around your property.

As a NJ property owner, if you have an older piece of property, there’s a chance that you have an underground tank that you’re probably not using anymore. Leaving it stagnant isn’t always the best option, it could damage the surrounding property – not good for either your health or your wallet.

Below are a couple of things you need to know if you have a property with a tank that isn’t being used – and yes, oil tanks that aren’t in use can still leak.

Your oil tank is potentially dangerous even if you’re not using it.

Even if yours is currently on your property is out of use, it can still cause damage to the surrounding environment. It can still leak – this is not good for the environment.

If yours starts leaking, it can damage the soil and the water supply. If you don’t catch this type of leak in time, you might be responsible for the cleanup of your entire neighborhood, or even larger amounts of land.

The number one thing to remember as a property owner is that you are responsible for whatever is on your property – including your oil tank and oil tank removal.

You don’t have the option of leaving a leaky tank in the ground.

Leaving a leaky oil tank in the ground is not an option – you are harming the surrounding environment and therefore, the health of your neighbors and those that surround you.

If you do discover that you have a leaky oil tank, you will be responsible for removing itimmediately, and the cleanup process which can result in soil remediation, and other techniques to clean up toxins that have leaked into the surrounding environment.

The problems your leaky tank causes to the environment are costly.

Leaking oil tanks aren’t cheap to clean up – soil remediation in NJ requires a lot of special equipment and expertise to carefully and effectively clean up the land from toxins that are released in a spill from a leaky tank.

In order to save your wallet and the surrounding environment beforehand, get yours removed or filled before a leak happens.

Getting one removed isn’t as difficult of a process as it sounds. Safety precautions have to be taken for the property owners, as well as the environment, and the removal of your oil tank will free up both environmental safety concerns and your ability to do what you want with your property.

Oil tanks can get in the way of building other above-ground structures like sheds and garages, or in-ground structures like pools and hot tubs.  Removing your oil tank alleviates all of these concerns, and protects your wallet and the environment.

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