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As of May 7, 2012, with limited exceptions, all remediation in the state of New Jersey are to proceed under the supervisions of a licensed site remediation professional (LSRP)

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How Our LSRP Services Work

The role of the LSRP is to oversee the remediation of contaminated sites in accordance with NJDEP applicable standards and regulations on behalf of the responsible party. LSRPs are subject to a strict code of conduct established by statute and regulations and must ensure the remediations are protective of public health, safety and the environment.

The goal of the LSRP oversight program was to streamline the remediation process to transform contaminated sites into usable and productive entities. T.Slack Environmental Services has a full time licensed site remediation professional on staff to assist our clients with their remedial actions. The LSRP will review archived files at the NJDEP, perform a site visit, interview current and past owners and obtain historical information necessary to formulate a cost effective and efficient work plan.

Recent completed projects under T.Slack Environmental Service’s LSRP Program

Township of Parsippany

Remediation and case closure

#2 heating oil release from above ground storage

Holliston Summit LLC

Remediation and case closure

Leaking gasoline underground storage tank

The Craftsmen Printers

ISRA transaction

Urban League of Essex County

Day care licensing with deed notice as remedial remedy

Investigation and installation of site wide cap for case closure


Remediation and case closure

Leaking diesel fuel UST

Volvo Properties

Preliminary assessment under green acres program

Unrestricted use and case closure

Cocco Properties

Preliminary assessment under green acres program

Unrestricted use and case closure