Company Certifications

License/Registration Categories Number Amount
NJ Business Registration 106912
NJ Division of Consumer Affairs 13VH00274300
NJ Div. Property Management and Construction Concrete/Found. Footings/Masonry; Demolition; Pumping Stations; Road Construction/Paving; UST/Closure & Installation; Waste Removal Toxic/Hazardous $6 Million
NJ DOT 894913
NJ Employee Information Report 15613
NJ Public Works Registration 605429
NJ Schools Development  $6 Million
NJ Small Business Enterprise 30096-25
NJ Solid Waste Transporter 12142
NJ DEP (UST)  Closure; Install – Entire; Subsurface; Tank Testing; Cathodic Protection Testing US00334
Pennsylvania Waste Transporter WH8819
Pennsylvania Company Tank Certificate 1763/254180
NJ Weights & Measures 144281

Employee Certifications

License/Registration Categories Number

Theodore Slack:

NJ DEP UST Certification  Closure/ Install; Subsurface Evaluator 0012231

Vinnie D’Alessandro:

NJ DEP UST Certification  Closure/ Install 009885
NGVi  CNG Fueling Station Design Training

Karen Lacey:

NJ Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) 591401
NJ DEP UST Certification  Closure/Install; Subsurface 15228

Mario Delmonte:

NJ DEP UST Certification  Closure/Install 0023194
PA DEP Division of Storage Tanks 5296
Gasboy Certification A-22805
NJ Weights & Measures 141595

Ronald Rhodes:

Veeder Root Certification A29624
NJ Weights & Measures 152096

Juan Ruiz:

NJ DEP UST Certification  Closure/Install 441109
Hastech Acurite™ Pipeline Tester 3060