Facts About Underground Oil Storage Tanks

As of September 1988, the Underground Storage Tank Laws (NJSA 58:10A) required proprietors of underground storage tanks to comply with new upgrade standards, maintain insurance for discharges, and install costly systems requiring trained personnel and periodic maintenance. Check the 1998 TANK UPGRADE REQUIREMENTS from the NJDEP. The closure of existing underground storage tanks requires complex closure plans, requiring in many cases, expensive soil and groundwater investigations. Failure to comply with these regulations subjects current owners and previous owners to excessive fines and cleanup liabilities.

The high cost associated with leakage from and underground storage tank and the added expense of cleanup of contaminated soils, requires personnel experienced in testing and remediation service. T. Slack Environmental Services, Inc. will process all the documents required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the NJDEP to ensure regulatory compliance. T. Slack’s personnel are trained and experienced in all the investigations and remediation associated with tank management and soils remediation.

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