Determining the Cost of Demolition Services

Imagine that it is D-Day at your demolition site. The countdown has started, and the implosion is about to commence. The perimeter is safe and all cautions have been taken in this demolition process. At this moment, one may think the job is just about complete, but it is not. In fact, this process is a battle and it requires the assistance of the right demolition services provider.

Looking for the right demolition service to bring down a commercial or public building, can be a difficult decision. Factors such as safety of the crew, the environment, and proper disposal of materials make it difficult to decide which demolition service to trust. Demolition is a process that consists of many steps; it can be a challenge to allocate each step into the overall budget. Here are some tips on how to determine the cost of a demolition service.

Permits and Licenses

Certain states will require a demolition permit before the process can begin. Other utility companies may require additional permits and licenses before and during the demolition process. You should include these costs with your total demolition budget. Failure to follow legal protocol could result in fines, be sure to check with your local government office to ensure your business is not skipping any steps.


This task is going to need more than just a tape measurer. True and accurate measurements of the entire demolition site will need to be taken in order to calculate an estimate. This will include all square footage of the grounds and building. The cost of demolition and the size of the lot will correlate with the total cost of the service.

Demolition site

Time and Wages

Any job will be given an estimated time of completion. Depending on the amount of work that is needed, the estimated time could contain a wide range of dates. The estimated time will be needed in order to fully calculate the cost in labor. The plan will be presented as X employees on site working Y hours, resulting in Z dollars in labor. Be cautious of any overtime pay, as it can be an unwelcome surprise.

Asbestos Survey

An asbestos survey will be needed in order for the demolition permit to be approved. If the survey reveals that the site contains asbestos in any of the pipes, boilers, air ducts, flooring, insulation, etc., it must be removed by order of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The asbestos removal cost will be a rate of x dollars per square foot. The demolition will not be able to continue until the Asbestos is cleared from the site.

This expense could be unexpected in the demolition process, but it is important to factor into the budget as a precaution.


Aside from the time and wages, this is where different demolition service companies will vary in cost. The cost will typically reflect how hands-on the demolition provider will be after the building stands no longer. Once nothing is left except the debris, who will be responsible for the disposal of the materials?

Underground storage tank at a construction site.

In order to achieve a green planet, all materials should not just be scraped, but re-used. The debris should be sorted and recycled. Make sure hauling of the debris is negotiated in the initial talks of the demolition process. The longer the debris is on site, the chances of an on-site accident are extended

TSlack Environmental Services handles all phases of demolition from permit to clean up. Whether the demolition is for commercial buildings or public buildings, we’re ready. From tear down and sorting, to transportation to recycling facilities, container service, and most importantly safety. On all of our jobs we offer a $5,000,000 pollution and liability insurance for our clients. We pride ourselves on being today’s solution to yesterday’s pollution.

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