3 Way to Prevent Against an Oil Leak

Oil tanks can be a very effective way to heat your commercial building. However, they require steady maintenance and meticulous surveillance, especially before and after the winter months. Oil leaks can be harmful and even deadly to a surrounding environment, so take initiative when it comes to your commercial oil tank and prevent these type of leaks. NJ environmental services has helpful advice and solutions to preventing and cleaning up oil leaks.

Service Once a Year

Major appliances in your home, like your air conditioning unit or refrigerator, often need to be serviced varying between once a year and whenever an issue arises. An oil tank is a little different. Because it contains such potentially harming liquid, it’s essential that oil tanks are serviced AT LEAST once a year, regardless of whether there is an issue or not. This will keep them running more smoothly, and lasting longer. If you don’t feel comfortable checking out your oil tank yourself, hire a professional to come out once a year. They will be fully versed in the protocol of NJ environmental services and will know what to look out for when it comes to your commercial oil tank.

Servicing will usually include changing the filter and removing any sludge that could potentially cause future wear and tear on your tank. The entire exterior will also be examined to any chance of leaks or weakened surface.

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Replace Before There’s a Problem

In all aspects of life, it pays to be proactive rather than reactive. The same attitude applies to commercial oil tanks. Don’t let a potentially harmful leak exist and get larger before you replace your tank. Be proactive and remember the timeline of your oil tank. They typically last no more than 15 years. So go ahead and replace your tank once this time is up. Even if no damage is visibly obvious, weather takes its toll on your tank, so for the safety of your commercial building and the safety of the environment, be proactive and preventative.

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Insurance Coverage

Whether it’s your car, your home, or your commercial real estate, it’s imperative to be aware of the extent of your insurance. Don’t expect every situation that arises to be covered by insurance. Know ahead of time what you can count on. This can be useful when it comes to your oil tank. Insurance regarding your oil tank is usually not automatically included in your property’s insurance. So be clear whether it is, and if you can afford the added fee, add this insurance to your policy. A leak or a spill that isn’t prevented can cause a great financial burden. Insurance will help access better servicing to prevent spills, and will help cover any damage that potentially occurs with a spill. It can be a very reassuring thing to have when it comes to owning an oil tank.

Oil Leak Facts

NJ environmental services do their part to cleanup oil spills and to encourage oil tank servicing because of the great damage oil leaks can cause. In fact, 1 liter of oil can contaminate 1 million liters of water. The tiniest hole in your oil tank can leak up to 1,000 liters of oil. And the damage doesn’t only extend to the soil and the water underground. The damage can extend to the foundation of your commercial building as well.

So while it may seem expensive at times to service your tank or even replace it every 15 years, you are not only saving a lot of money in the long run, but you’re protecting the environment as well. The cost of cleaning up an oil spill can be permanently detrimental financially to a business.  Contact us today at Tslack for any oil spill prevention advice, or any servicing or sales needs.

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