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 Ted Slack


Ted Slack has over 31 years of specialized experience in the remediation and environmental services field. He has been responsible for the technical management of projects and staff, including the coordination of multiple disciplines throughout the completion of these projects. His responsibilities range from the management of underground storage tanks to chemical injections for ground water remediation.

Mr. Slack’s aggressive leadership skills coupled with business savvy has led to the continued exponential growth of T.Slack Environmental Services over the years. In 2001, he created a subsidiary business, Oil Tank Solutions, to meet the demands of real estate agents and attorneys needing a reliable and honest remediation contactor to facilitate their residential needs. In addition to T.Slack Environmental Services and Oil Tank Solutions, he is also the President of Dana Development and Northridge Development, which combined have over 75,000 square feet of warehouses built on brown field properties. He is also the Senior Vice President of New Evergreen Development LLC. which oversees mitigation and development of former brown field properties. Mr. Slack also served on the building and sites committee of St.Vincent de Paul Parish in Stirling, New Jersey, helping to oversee and build an addition on both the school and church. Mr. Slack has personally served numerous Fortune 500 companies over the past 31 years by facilitating solutions to environmental conditions with an emphasis on his attention to detail. He brings with him the experience, equipment, personnel, and the commitment to fulfill the needs of clients, as well as their requirements. Mr. Slack has a solid reputation for his relationship with clients, his ability to communicate with clients and regulatory agencies, his sensitivity to communities, and his ability to complete projects on time and within budget.


  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Certified Hazardous Waste
  • New Jersey Underground Storage Tank Certifications (Removal and Installation)
  • Subsurface Evaluator
  • Chance Certified
  • 901 License